Pack Everything or Nothing?

When it comes to travel, packing luggage becomes one of the hectic tasks. The never-ending dilemma of what to pack and what to leave makes the whole process complicated. And if you are planning on staying or settling in another country, you have to be more thoughtful about what you are taking and what you are leaving. Since I’m writing about my journey to the US, today I’ll be writing about how we decided what to pack for our luggage.

Like any other person, we had spent most of our time packing our luggage when we were preparing to come to the US. Ironically, every single thing seemed useful at that moment. Even the crockeries we hadn’t used in the past 5 years or the dress I hadn’t worn in forever seemed to have a useful tag attached to them. Right at that moment, my sister had decided to step in, and finally, we sorted our luggage. Following is the list of stuff which I think are most needed in your luggage if you are planning to come to the US.

1. Clothing and Shoes: The most important thing to pack in your luggage is your clothing. It is very essential to pack enough winter clothes, like, heavy jackets, sweaters, gloves, winter scarves, etc. In America, it’s mostly the fall. Even on sunny days, the temperature is like 4 or 5 degrees celsius. So, it is very essential to pack winter clothes. As for regular attire, I would suggest packing more jeans and tops rather than traditional clothing. As for shoes, one should pack more sports shoes rather than flats or heels. Because of weather and lifestyle, sports shoes are more usable than any other shoes. So, choose your clothes based on usability and comfort rather than on your impulse.

2. Crockeries and Utensils: Many of you might wonder, what’s the use of packing crockeries while you can buy them easily in the US. But, the fact is you will have limited amounts of money until you start a job and you don’t know how long it will take for you to get a job. So, in this case, instead of wasting money on buying new things which can be quite expensive, why not just bring what you have. You don’t have to pack many of these things, only a few of these kitchen and dining items would be enough. For example, 6 plates, 6 forks, spoons, some cooking wares, etc. So, depending on your needs you should pack these crockeries and utensils carefully. Since some of these items might be made of glass, you should pack them extra carefully, because airports don’t handle luggage gently and you don’t want the things to break, do you?

3. Household items:  The third thing on my list is the household items which include curtains, bed sheets, blankets, etc. These items help in the long run. When you will be renting your apartment, you will be needing all these items. Only a few of these items are enough. For example, 3 or 4 curtains, 2 or 3 bedsheets, and one or two blankets, pillows, etc. These are just an estimated amount. You might or less in quantity depending on your families.

4. Technology: As you know, the regular phone or tablet chargers or any other charging equipment from other countries doesn’t work in the US. It is because of the different electricity converting systems. So, it is essential to bring adapters for your chargers. I’ve heard rumors that phones from other countries don’t work here. These rumors are baseless. Any smartphone would work here. It is good to bring enough chargers and other necessary technical equipment.

5. Required Papers: The final and the most important thing to pack is all your paperwork. I know this might sound random and a bit out of context in terms of luggage. But, it is very essential to have all your paper works, such as marriage certificates, school and college certificates, passport and regular size photos, extra scanned copies of important documents, etc. Certain papers are needed for various purposes here. Not having the proper paperwork might delay your work. So, before packing your luggage, sort your paperwork.

These are the 5 things I think are most important to have in our luggage. You should be careful in choosing what to pack because you have a weight limit for luggage. So, pack the things which you think will be most needed. Do your research and do smart packing. Have a safe journey!

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